About My View

Kim Hussey Freelance Writer Cambridge Ontario

Welcome to The Write View. My name is Kim Hussey and I am excited to continue my passion for  inspiring others achieve their goals in meaningful ways. Writing is part of so much of our lives yet can be a daunting task at times.  Whether it be a beautiful card or touching obituary, to a crucial essay to support an application or receive a contract, I have a natural intuitive way of getting to the essence of what someone wants to say and craft a response that fits your personality and what they want to achieve.

Many years working as a Professor with adult learners has broadened my experience teaching and supporting people in all walks and stages of life. These experiences have developed my ability to provide thoughtful feedback, clear instructions and instill meaningful insights to support you in your project. This passion and personal approach provides a strategy that is unique to each project. Working with others with a wide diversity of abilities and cultural differences has instilled a compassionate and innate ability to support others to develop goals and actionable steps to achieve your goals.

I have learned the most  through my dedication to raising my  five remarkable adult children. I believe wholeheartedly that my skills and passion that has brought  me to the launch of The Write View has evolved as a direct result of my children’s cheer-leading and inspiration along the way.  Because of them, I know how the focus on language and writing, flavoured with heartfelt vulnerability and deepened critical thinking can create exceptional work in school, for pleasure and in adult pursuits.

As a young child, I loved reading and writing. In Grade 2, I won a writing contest at the Royal Winter Fair, and since then I have loved and developed my love and passion for writing. Reflecting on my childhood and throughout my “student life”, assignments that encompassed writing skills were my favorite and achieved the best results. In 2014 I completed my Masters Degree in Leadership (MA-LEAD) which allowed me to fine-tune my skills to offer powerful leadership, Ethical principles, organizational change, powerful leadership, coaching/developing others and Research Methods to others.  My combined life experience and professional work enhances my personalized ability to help others and captures powerful results through the lens of linguistic work. I currently am a member of the Company of Women, and with a local mentor and editor, am exploring writing my first book.

I live in a historic lakefront cottage on Puslinch Lake where I have a simple and abundant  life in a caring community. Enjoying the best view has become my mantra and I have always known I  was figuratively meant to share my own views and allow others to enjoy theirs in some way. As a regular writer in the Puslinch Pioneer, residents look forward to reading my stories of the their community shared from my view point. I am Involved in a multitude of community events, and aspire to make a meaningful mark wherever I am given the opportunity to impact others and improve their view. I am often selected in public places to propose the toast, sign the card or create the culture of the experience through ice-breakers or thoughtful wording.

When I work with you, I am in it with you when I take on a project and you will work directly with me, as I will take the time to individualize and personalize everything I write. I strive  to identify with, in a relevant and authentic way in every project to your comfort level and your goals. I would love to work with you to do the writing, allowing you to enjoy the view.

Kim Hussey Freelance Writer Cambridge Ontario