The Power Of Words

Power of Words

My friend Kellie asked me recently what my favorite word was. It was randomly presented and I resisted throwing out a bunch of those powerful linguistic go-tos that I surround myself with in an effort to reflect my core values, life purpose and mantras for living.

Peace I chose, thinking of the space I was sitting in, and what it has meant to me in a global definition, personal experience and an aspiration for living. Yes, peace it is.

Quickly changing my mind, I thought, no!  It’s Courage!  Courage that is so insanely important to make a change to your life, the pivotal step that makes the difference to whether we experience success achieving our goals or move out of our comfort zones.

Perhaps it is Joy, because after all Joy comes even when we lack courage or have no peace if we intrinsically have inner joy.  Perhaps it is Joy.

Sitting in the classroom with students I rethink it and determine Commitment might be the best word.  If we have commitment we work hard and we do the right things to ensure we are giving 100% to our responsibilities.

But then it hits me – Compassion is far better a word than commitment, after all kindness prevails and is above all else according to so many of the core values, principles and mantras for living. Compassion extends to loving others and must be the most important.

Another friend after discussing this with me expressed she was sick of words, that we don’t live by them and they are everywhere but we don’t really live them out, despite if they are extinguished linguistic gifts to help shape our lives.  She reminded me that while I had five young children in a busy household, I stenciled the word “calm” on the wall, which was hilarious looking back because that was not an accurate word for my busy, possibly at times chaotic home. Maybe I just wanted it to be calm. Calmness was missing. But I wanted it… badly.

The essence of words is not in choosing one word. The truth is that we can’t possibly choose.  Some words impact us at different times, in different ways. Sometimes we crave or cling to one word, only to need another word to hang tight to soon thereafter.

Personally, I love words.  I have always been a linguistic learner. My minister as a child always had three points in his sermon, and if I was lucky they all started with P, enhancing the chance I would remember them all. On school tests, I found acronyms to remember facts and information I needed. Reading a novel, I still bring a highlighter to capture those impactful sentences that hit to the core of my being, and despite not reflecting a fair comparison, I can see beyond the words to the message of what it is saying to me.

The chances to say what you want to say or what you were meant to say may only be available to you for a time. Choose your words, make them visible, claim their importance for you and have others help you aspire to them. The power of words within each of us is there to be shared and savored.

Right now, this week, I vulnerably share that my word is SUCCESS. I just launched this business, and I am focused on Success. I don’t want to fail and I won’t let that be my story. I will be staring at that word for a while I suspect.

Kim Hussey