Tips for Success

Tips for Success

If you aren’t planning for success, you are waiting for failure.

Powerful words which I heard in casual conversation during my recent trip to BC.  This phrase stirred a little nervousness within me because if you read my last post, the word SUCCESS is the daunting word that is guiding my every moment.  I must be successful. I can’t fail. This has to work.  I want the thoughts to leave me alone for a while, let me breath but yet they are always there, keeping me up at night, and distracting my thoughts during the day.

Since launching The Write View, I have been consumed watching small businesses around me, curious about what they are doing, how they are doing it and tracking my own little internal progress report on how successful I have been in comparison.

I recently had a heartfelt conversation with an Executive named Norm in the private sector, a successful business developer and family man who shared with me his simple two secrets to success. They encompass valuable lessons in a simple list and I have expanded their meaning for my own life to share with others. They help consolidate the word Success into actionable steps.  

First, Be Good. What does this mean?  It means that the spirit of your life is lived with intention to “do the right thing”.  This means many things to different people and varies in terms of the supports and resources we are entrusted with to share.  It may mean telling the truth, opening a door for someone, tipping fairly, respecting others, picking up the piece of garbage on your walk, being on time for others, answering your Grandma’s phone message or philanthropic work. I believe most people are good, and practice it daily, but it is a tip for success we can always stretch and develop further.  Am I a good person, good to myself, others and the community/world? 

Secondly, Work Hard. What does this mean?  True commitment has been compared to a poker player who chooses to put all their poker chips, into the centre of the table, announcing “ALL IN”.  They commit fully, ready to sacrifice everything and believe wholeheartedly that they are giving 100% plus to their responsibilities or tasks.  Working hard doesn’t necessarily begin at 9 am.  It applies to everything we have going on in our lives. It is every relationship, every responsibility, and every aspect of our lives.  It is fully dedicated to being “all in” and everyone’s list of what they commit to is different.  It is a declaration to fulfill an intentional best effort in all we do. So the question really becomes, What is my “all in”?

Since this conversation, I have had to do a lot of self-talk. I know I do good, and I certainly know I work hard. If Norm is right, I will be fine.  That is reassuring. 

I have added a third to Norm’s poignant list.

It is to be grateful – Perhaps giving thanks is something that is a natural off-shoot from the previous two or perhaps they weave throughout “being good” and “working hard”.  Regardless, I believe it warrants its own notable point.  When I am doing my best to achieve success using those two simple life rules but life hardships hit me, the spirit of unfairness can prevail. When I am grateful I accomplish the first two more earnestly and with joyful hearts. I am good because I believe life IS good. I work hard because I am thankful I can. 

The wonderful thing about this list is it is never complete – there is always more good do, more effort I can give in my work, and more to be thankful for.  Whether I read this with a personal or professional lens, these tips for success in life make sense!  


Kim Hussey