Resolve... to enjoy!

I know so many of us still take the time to heartfully put onto paper our New Year’s resolutions.  Despite all the statistics reminding us that most resolutions are forgotten by the end of January, we still look at the New Year as an opportunity to do more, make more, be more or accomplish more than we did in 2018.   Perhaps we want to do more travelling, more exercising or make more health-conscious choices.   We will get more sleep, drink more green tea, walk more, create more, cook or bake more.   We take out the gym memberships and Google healthy recipes, and purchase the journals or books to equip us to succeed in our great intentions.  We want to make more money, invest more, and spend less. 

I am beginning this year with an unusual resolution.  I simply want to enjoy more. As my son calls it, the year of “YOU DO YOU”. Many times, we look at our world and what surrounds us and try to make resolutions that will make our lives better, interpreting that into a list of all the “should have” or “should not haves” of the past.  To keep up with the human natural desire to dream, we move it into a new list that will make us feel hopeful and believe we can accomplish it.  This year, I am done with all the goal setting. My focus is on being present and open to enjoying what life has to offer each day. I am excited about my new business, and the choices I am making to spend time cherishing the things that are important for me, which writing gives me. Thank you for supporting my journey and being part of my tribe.

I labelled 2018 the year of goodbyes and with the turning of the calendar, I am also turning the page, and choosing to see 2019 as the year of “Well, hello there”! I want to embrace every opportunity, every chance, every new friend and experience life with an intentional attitude to have it all. Isn’t it refreshing to celebrate or bid farewell to the end of a year, so that in our potential regrets and self-criticism we have the opportunity to find new hope in a new year?  Despite the setbacks and the challenges faced in the previous year, 2019 is a chance to send off a new lantern of happiness into the sky not knowing where it will land but in awe of its splendor, watch it rise.  

My ten Manifestos for 2019 are uniquely non-traditional in terms of resolutions.

1.       Don’t look back unless it’s a good view.

2.       Always choose the best view available to you, you deserve it.

3.       Take time to really figure out what is important to you and why, then chase it fiercely.

4.       Breath in nature and fresh air every day; it is daily meditation.

5.       Always pet a greeting dog, they will always make you smile.

6.       It only takes 20 seconds of insane courage to talk to someone who may impact your life in an unexpected way.

7.       Don’t just love what you do, love who you are.

8.       Make lemonade, or sangria – they make happy hour socials special.

9.       Do road trips with people you love to be with – they are guaranteed great adventures and memories!

10.    You never know what a difference you can make by being kind to others.

What are your manifestos for a happy 2019? 

2019 is my happiness project!  It’s likely the best New Year’s Resolution I have ever made! Will it be yours?

Kim Hussey