Rise and Shine

The other day a friend of mine posted an inspiring quote with a lovely sunset backdrop on her social media. It read “If you are going to Rise, you might as well Shine”. Always a fan for a beautiful linguistic play on words, I immediately tried to think how I could use it in my work and teaching. I love reading those empowering quotes in my feed each day, they inspire me.

Social Media also reminded me that January 21st signified the Most depressing day of the year, otherwise coined Blue Monday. It’s really no wonder. Even with the prettiest of snowy winter days, the lack of sunshine and cold temperatures, along with the knowledge that it won’t be changing any time soon, can lead to a change or shift in our moods.

There are many things we can do to cultivate positive thoughts to get us through this! Words have a powerful way of supporting our ability to identify with others. Social Media presents ongoing messages to steer us in one way or another. Being aware of its power is so important and a prevalent reminder to fill our minds with the messages that help us shine.

As a new entrepreneur I am challenged but motivated to understand the opportunities Social Media can create for my productivity and success. I even registered in a Social Media for Business course to become better equipped to effectively use it for The Write View! It has become my greatest learning curve and the magnitude of its potential and possible problems is more important than I ever realized.

Just when I was ready for an electronic fast from it all, my daughter reminded me of an incredible initiative by Bell on January 30th. Using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk to start conversations about mental health or engaging in their videos has grown astronomically since 2010, and Bell donates every time we do.

This is the refreshing scope of the power of social media. Use a hashtag and make a difference. YES the world says! We LOVE IT and this is a way we can easily participate and help! We all know people who struggle with depression, anxiety and a myriad of other mental health challenges. Let’s talk about it. Let’s write about it and by extension, care about it. As soon as we surrender to hope, which we can all relate to, our minds shift from the most depressing day of the year to an attitude of “let’s jump on this train and have an impact.”

Texting on January 30th can lift a spirit and raise money for this growing epidemic of mental health. My motive for becoming more efficient with social media now has a new foundation, a new higher calling than communicating with the world and marketing my business. Choose your words wisely, create connections and always be kind. Maybe Bell Lets Talk could be something we implement every day of the year. I am thankful for the reminder. This initiative will hopefully help thousands who struggle with mental health to rise feeling supported and shine brighter as a result.

On January 30th use your social media for something positive, and a step forward in understanding and talking about mental health. https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/bell-lets-talk-day

Kim Hussey