Introduction to The Write View

This fall marked an emotional transition in my life as I watched my youngest head off to University, taking her post-secondary adventure dreams to beautiful BC. Usually a positive person, this was frightening, as being a mom to five fantastic people is notably the best thing I have ever done in my life. It has served as my ultimate and purpose for the majority of my adult life to date.

I was overwhelmed with all the supportive inquiries and ideas to guide my transition to the ominous unfamiliar stage of “empty nester”! I just love my Puslinch community who surrounds me and provides me that safety net called home – it really takes a village. Facing my fear of it head on, I knew I needed insane courage to come up with a new focus.  Friends and family certainly supported while I explored the many options.

As my sweet friend Kellie Parks often says, it takes a village and I couldn’t agree more, I have found my tribe. I have thought about having a small business as one of those “bucket list” ideas for many years but never really knew what it would be or what that would look like.  Friends started to affirm my writing and individualized passion to help others and VOILA, the idea hit me! I am so thankful to so many who have listened to me brainstorm and create this idea, and then nudged within me the courage to launch my new business! I have been thinking about this for a while, and been cheer leaded by friends and family to give this a whirl, along with mentored local businesses like Calmwaters, My Wolf Design and the Company of Women for endless support. A special shout out to my children, and my son Chris in particular who tagged the fitting name.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my newest initiative called The Write View…

Are you stuck for words? The Write View can help. Sometimes it just takes someone with an outside view to craft what you want to say but don’t know how. Perhaps it’s an application for school or a job, or a nomination for a special award, or a tough-to-write obituary for a loved one. Perhaps  you’ve just had a baby and it’s all those thank you letters that need to be done but you don’t have the time to write. Perhaps your business needs support for those unexpected larger initiatives and crucial tasks that require a unique lens through the power of words, or the crucial acts of affirmation for customer loyalty described in a holiday wishes card.  From panoramic (start to finish) projects to the spectacular sunrise views (not sure how to get started) or sunset views (finishing, editing and proofreading services), The Write View offers individual services that encompass important personal moments or can showcase your professional identity, along with entrepreneurial, small business and corporate needs. I am here to do the writing and let you enjoy the view.

To all of you who have  given me my sacred and beautiful views of life, thank you for the support and affirmation to move forward with this. The beauty is in the beholder, and that is YOU.

Allow me to do the writing and you enjoy the view!