Blogs & E-newsletters


5 $599 10 $1149 12 $1399

  • 5 , 10 and 12 bundle options at your frequency within 12 months

  • Suggested topics

  • 15 minute consult per blog

  • SEO applied

  • up to 500 words

  • Photos if applicable

  • 2 revisions per blog

Blog Review & Edit Bundles available and adapted for you (You Write it, I will review & edit)

  • $40 for a Blog Review and Edit

  • $160 for 5 Blog Review and Edits

e-Newsletter Bundles

5 $345 10 $590 12 $828

  • 5, 10 and 12 at your frequency within 12 months

  • per e-newsletter

  • up to 200 words

  • based on a prepared template and email campaign through MailChimp

  • Photos if applicable

  • up to 200 words

  • 1 revision per e-newsletter

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“Kim is a calm and caring individual that did an incredible job really understanding my energy and my personality, and reflect it in her writing. She did an unbelievable job writing everything to showcase my authenticity and uniqueness personally and professionally. Throughout the whole process she made sure I felt comfortable. I really enjoyed her flexibility, she would let me know what needed to be done by the end of the week for both of us so we would stay compliant with our timeline. Finally, another thing Kim did that really blew me away and makes me excited to work with her again in the future is her open mind. I would come to her with an idea and no matter how big it was, she would be ready to tackle it not only with a smile and with the willingness to explore it. I can confidently say we have built a strong relationship in business and personally. You would be very lucky if you get the chance to work with Kim!”