Personal Moments

So many times in our lives we need to “write up something” to achieve something, celebrate or just simply get a job done. Over the years I have spoken and supported others who don’t know where to start.  Staring at a blank document at those emotional moments in our lives can be daunting and stressful.


  • Writing an unexpected obituary or eulogy for a loved one

  • A tired new mom with 100 thank you cards to write

  • Blissful newlyweds with 300 thank you cards to write

  • Resignation letter for a meaningful employer

  • Introduction for an acclaimed guest at a conference

  • Speech to accept an award or accomplishment

  • Toast for your best friend

  • Holiday Cards

  • Customized Encouragement Tributes

  • A significant thank you message

Professional Identity

Sometimes we are required to do things in our lives that support our professional growth and leave a mark on our professional identity.  Many times it is the powerful first words on paper that speak to a potential future opportunity to pursue professional avenues.


  • A reference letter to support another’s application

  • Website Bio for a startup business

  • Cover letter that weaves the essence of the individual job application

  • Resume development

  • Coaching for interview preparation

  • Acceptance speech for award or designation

  • Reflection piece on learnings from a required course or professional development workshop

  • Reviewing of a report or proposal

  • Reviewing, editing and proofreading

  • Application requirements for to prove your qualifications

  • Documentation of learning and proof of skills

  • Resignation letter for a meaningful employer