Freelance Writing For Individuals, Entrepreneurs & Corporations

Individual Services

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So many times in our lives we need to “write up something” to achieve something, celebrate or just simply get a job done.

Entrepreneur Services

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The tasks required for writing for proposals, websites, social media and presentation can be daunting but are crucial to effectively portraying the presence you want in the industry or market you are working in.

Corporate Services

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If you are a larger business you understand and identify with the intensity that can come with large jobs or pending contracts that consume your staff to pressure points that are not healthy for any company culture.

I could not believe how Kim could take a work report deadline that was overwhelming me, and edit it in a day.  Although I am an expert in my line of work and can demonstrate it in forums throughout North America, I struggled with how to do that in a written comparison report. My employer required it within a short time frame, and hiring Kim to edit and massage the report without knowing the content saved me hours of time that I could devote to other critical parts of my job.


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